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    Moyagi is a re-imagination of traditional karaoke. A modern, more accessible take, repackaged to look and feel great. It’s a premium private room karaoke concept featuring the latest technology to revolutionize your karaoke experience.


    Our Malmö venue is open:
    Wed-Thur 17:00-01:00
    Fri-Sat 17:00-03:00

    How to reach us?

    Telephone: +46 8 425 043 70
    Hours: Mon-Fri | 12.00-17.00



    295 SEK per session, per person.

    We recommend groups book in advance to avoid disappointment – Fridays and Saturdays are usually booked weeks ahead. 

    Moyagi has a pre-payment policy, meaning guests pay at the point of booking. Room reservations are honored for 15 minutes, after which rooms will be available for other parties. However, a full charge will still be applied if delays exceed 15 minutes.

    Karaoke: cancellation is free until 72 hours before the booking, after which no refund is made.

    Hidden Bar: cancellation is free until 24 hours before the booking, after which no refund is made.

    You can cancel your booking via your confirmation email or contact us at [email protected].

    It's strictly forbidden to bring outside food and drinks to Moyagi. Upon such a discovery, your visit will immediately end. In addition, you will be charged for the full duration of your karaoke session and for each unit you've brought.

    Every karaoke session is 1 hour and 45 minutes from the starting slot time that your booking indicates. No extra time is given due to late arrival. Please arrive 15 minutes before your booking to allow for check-in.

    Every session at Moyagi lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

    Absolutely. You need to book the slot directly after your initial slot to sing longer. If on-site, please ask staff for help adding a session.

    The Hidden Bar is for members only from 23.00-03.00. The bar serves a lighter dinner, mini-snacks, and has a dedicated bottle service.

    Anybody can become a member of the Hidden Bar inside Moyagi. Guests apply through this link.

    Please connect your Instagram + LinkedIn for quicker handling of your request.

    The age limit for our karaoke is 21+, and 23+ for the Hidden Bar.

    Moyagi's dress code encourages individuality and fabulous party dressing. While denim and sneakers are permitted, flip-flops, shorts, gym wear, sportswear, baseball caps, team sportswear, and beachwear are not. If in doubt, never underestimate the power of a well-tailored navy blue suit and an evening dress.

    In accordance with Swedish alcohol laws, overly intoxicated guests are not allowed to be on the premise. If guests are denied entry by our security, no refunds are made. We also apply the doorman's discretion.

    We have a strict zero-tolerance policy against illegal drugs. Upon any such discovery, your visit will immediately end, and you will be charged for the entire duration of your karaoke session.

    Absolutely. The Hidden Bar experience is curated towards the discerning individual seeking unforgettable evenings in a premium setting. Please read more about the experience here.

    If you're more than 23 in the same group and want to book a private karaoke room, please email us at [email protected].




      Wed-Thur: 17.00-01.00
      Fri-Sat: 17.00-03.00



      Karaoke 21+
      Hidden Bar 23+


      [email protected] 
      +46 8 425 043 70
      Telephone hours:
      Mon-Fri | 12.00-17.00


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