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    Why do we love brunch so much? It’s not breakfast, it’s not lunch. It’s so much more. Moyagi just opened up Saturdays for brunch and this menu is on fire. Therefore, we’re rating the reasons why brunch is so fantastic.

    1. Weekend
    Brunch is more than often connected with the weekend!! Which means you got a free day to relax and digest all the waffles you ate.

    2. Booze
    If you’re into karaoke and drinking, then brunch is for you. It’s perfectly acceptable/mandatory to have a Bloody Mary or a glass of Grapefruit Mimosa to wash down your mountain of food.

    3. Winning time
    Brunch combines the best two meals into one. Relax, linger because you know what? You’re eating breakfast and lunch so you’re efficient. You’re winning. Well done.

    4. You can gorge
    Think about it – you’re combining meals, so no-one is going to raise an eyebrow when you order a little bit too much. You have a pass to feast on as much as you like. More eggs? Yes – I will have more eggs.

    5. Unrivaled in variety

    Choice matters. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, Korean fried chicken, yogurt, waffles, toasts, and salmon tartar – you don’t get that choice with breakfast.

    6. Sweet meets salty

    Brunch is pretty much the only meal that it’s completely acceptable to mix sweet and salty. Bacon and maple syrup? French toast and fried chicken? Hell yeah.

    7. Stag parties

    Brunch is the perfect way to start a stag or bachelorette celebration. Brunch-partying is a classic and lays the foundation of any successful day with your favorite friend-to-be-married.

    8. Dress as you like

    No matter how posh the venue, it’s perfectly acceptable to turn up in last night’s clothes. It’s almost expected.

    9. Closure on the night before

    You know what you did last night. I know what you did last night. Let’s be honest – everyone in the pub knows what you did last night. Brunch is the perfect meal to talk it all over.

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