• BOOK | 295 SEK PP | 1.45 HRS

    It may not seem like karaoke was something we needed to invent. Karaoke as we know it didn’t exist until 1971. That’s when Japanese coffee shop musician Daisuke Inoue saw the potential for recording the instrumental cover songs he was churning out on the keyboard every night. Inoue fabricated the world’s first karaoke machine – the Juke 8 – at a friend’s electronics shop. He packaged them with a catalog of 8-track recordings and began leasing the boxes to bards around the city of Kobe.


    In 2020, Moyagi is using Singa, a system with 100,000 songs. Most guests agree that singing, in or out of tune, taps into something deeply cathartic. The urge to express through song is as powerful as it is entertaining and explains in part why an obscure and period-specific electronics device from Japan would catapult to lasting worldwide appeal so quickly.

    Karaoke has always been related to food and beverage. At Moyagi, even though we set out to reimagine karaoke, we didn’t want to change the original formula. We just wanted to simplify it. As a means of preparing for your session, make sure to check www.singa.com for your songs. When you’ve arrived, look to our QR-codes where you can order food and beverage with a click straight to your room.

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